Storm damage recovery

7.24.060 Towing and Storage Rates.

City Code Section

A.  The Director will issue a schedule of approved maximum fees for PPI  towing and storage at the beginning of each permit period. Such schedule will be published annually and supplied to all applicants with the application materials for new permits and renewals. PPI towers may submit a request for an increase in the approved maximum fees not later than two months before the end of any permit period. The Director will consider such requests and decide whether such an increase is in the public interest.  If changes are made, a public hearing will be held for the purpose of determining fair and reasonable prices prior to making any changes in the PPI rate schedule.

B.  PPI towers may charge less than the maximum rates allowed.  However, PPI towers may not waive the data service fee or City PPI service fee without authorization by the Towing Coordinator.