Storm damage recovery

7.24.050 Towing Regulations.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 187514, effective January 15, 2016.)  Except for towing allowed under ORS 98.854(3), a PPI tower may lawfully tow a vehicle without the registered owner’s permission from private property in the City of Portland only if:

A.  The PPI tower has express written authorization from the private parking facility owner, or person in lawful possession of the property, in compliance with Chapters 98.812, 98.830 and 98.854 of the Oregon Revised Statutes; and,

B.  The PPI Tower first contacts the private parking facility owner or agent at the time of the tow; and

C.  The private parking facility fully complies with this Chapter and the PPI administrative rules; and,

D.  The vehicle is towed directly to the PPI tower's storage facility within the Portland city limits; and,

E.  The vehicle is not occupied by any person or persons.