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7.22.070 Interference Prohibited.

It is unlawful for any person to interfere with street or sidewalk use permitted under this Chapter.  The following acts, among others, are prohibited by this section, when done with the intent to cause interference:

A. Blocking, obstructing, or impeding the passage of participants, vehicles, or animals along the route.

B. Walking, running, driving a vehicle, riding a bicycle or skateboard through, between, with, or among participants, vehicles, or animals.

C. Dropping, throwing, rolling, or flying any object toward, among, or between participants, vehicles, or animals.

D. Throwing, squirting, dumping, or dropping any liquid, solid or gaseous substance on, toward, among, or between participants, vehicles, or animals.

E. Grabbing at, taking hold of, hitting, pulling, or pushing any participant, vehicle, or animal or anything in the possession of any participant.

F. Vending or offering for sale any food or merchandise during the hours and on the route of a street and sidewalk use permit without first having obtained the written permission of the sponsor, in addition to any permits and/or licenses otherwise required for such activity.

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