7.14.050 Application and Issuance.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Any person, including any bureaus of the City, operating a utility coming within the provisions of the Utility License Law shall file an application for a utility license on forms supplied by the Bureau.
  2. B.  A person is not required to apply for or obtain a utility license if all its revenues earned from operations as a utility otherwise meet the criteria for deduction under Section 7.14.070.  The Director may exercise the authority under Section 7.14.080 to require reports and review records to determine whether revenues are qualified for deduction under Section 7.14.070.
  3. C.  Applications for utility licenses shall be filed with the Bureau on or before December 31 for each subsequent calendar year.  In the case of any person operating a utility coming within the provisions of the Utility License Law which commences operations within the City after January 15, 2009, the person operating such utility shall apply for a utility license on or before the date of commencing such operations.  The application shall include such information as the Director may require in order to determine whether the utility has paid the license fee owed.
  4. D.  Upon receiving a completed application, together with any payment due, the Director shall issue a utility license to the applicant.  A utility license shall be valid for no longer than one year.  Each utility license shall expire on December 31 of the year of issuance.
  5. E.  The Director shall prepare application forms and make them publicly available.  Failure to receive or secure a form shall not relieve any person from the obligation to obtain a license and pay a license fee under the Utility License Law.