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7.12.120 Interest and Penalty Applicable.

A.  Interest will be assessed on any unpaid privilege tax at the rate of 0.833 percent simple interest per month or fraction thereof (10 percent per annum), computed from the original due date of the tax to the 15th day of the month following the date of the payment. 

1.  For purposes of calculating interest under Subsection 7.12.120 A., the amount of the privilege tax due shall be reduced by the amount of any privilege tax payments received by the Bureau on or before the due dates established in the Utility Privilege Tax Law.

2.  Interest amounts properly assessed in accordance with this Section may not be waived or reduced by the Director.

B.  Any person subject to this Chapter or any officer or agent of any association or corporation subject to the provisions of this Chapter who, for a period of 30 days after the statement is required to be filed with the Bureau, fails, neglects, or refuses to file with the Bureau the quarterly statement of Gross Revenues of such person, association or corporation shall be subject to the penalties, including the criminal penalties, provided for violations of Section 7.02.700 Penalties.  

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