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7.12.080 Report of Earnings.

Each utility and telecommunications utility subject to the privilege tax as provided in Section 7.12.060 shall file with the Bureau a report of the revenues earned within the corporate limits of the City for each consecutive 3 month period in the form and manner specified by the Bureau (“quarterly report”).

A.  The first quarterly report shall be filed on or before the first payment date of privilege tax.  Subsequent quarterly reports shall be filed on or before February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15 of each year.

B.  If a franchise is granted to a utility or telecommunications utility which is otherwise subject to the provisions of the Utility Privilege Tax Law, the utility or telecommunications utility shall file a report with Bureau within 10 days after the franchise becomes effective showing the Gross Revenues earned for the proportionate period of the quarter prior to the franchise being granted.

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