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7.12.030 Authority to Inspect Franchisee Records and Require Reports.

City Code Section

A.  The Bureau shall have the right to inspect franchisee records during normal business hours upon reasonable notice, to determine compliance with obligations under applicable franchise provisions, including relevant financial franchise obligations.

B.  The Bureau shall have the right to require, in writing and upon reasonable notice, reports and information as appropriate to determine whether franchisees are in compliance with their franchises. Franchisees shall cooperate with the Bureau and shall provide such information and documents as necessary for the City to evaluate compliance. The Bureau may specify the form and details of all franchise reports required under applicable franchise provisions.

C.  In case any franchisee fails to provide access to records, or refuses to furnish information required under this Section when required so to do, on behalf of the City and if so directed by the City Council, the City Attorney may petition the Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for Multnomah County to compel such franchisee to furnish the information and to pay the City’s costs of the court proceedings.

D.  For purposes of this Section 7.12.030, “record” means written or graphic materials, however produced or reproduced, or any other tangible permanent record, including, without limitation, all letters, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, notes, summaries or accounts of telephone conversations, summaries or accounts of personal conversations or interviews, reports, notebooks, sketches, summaries or accounts of meetings or conferences, opinions or reports of consultants or experts, invoices, billings, statements of accounts, studies, appraisals, analyses, contracts, agreements, charts, graphs, photographs and any other writings or recordings of every kind and description, including magnetic media, and all sound recordings, to the extent related to the enforcement or administration of a franchise.