7.07.050 The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Committee.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 189794 and 191046, effective November 25, 2022.)

  1. A. There is established a Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Committee (“Committee”) made up of experts and community members to:
    1. 1. Recommend the Climate Investment Plan to the Mayor and City Council (together, the “City Council”); and 
    2. 2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Program in achieving the goals of this Chapter.
  2. B. The Committee is made up of nine members who live, work, go to school or worship in the City. Members are appointed by the Mayor for staggered 4-year terms. 
  3. C. When a Committee member resigns or the member’s term expires, the Committee recommends a replacement member. The Mayor considers the Committee’s recommendation when appointing Committee members. 
  4. D. The Mayor appoints Committee members confirmed by City Council, based on the following background and expertise: 
    1. 1. The Committee will reflect the racial, ethnic and economic diversity of the City. At least two members will be City residents who live east of 82nd Avenue.
    2. 2. Committee members will have demonstrated a commitment to furthering the City’s climate action goals and empowering priority populations or workforce priority populations.
    3. 3. At least one member will have significant demonstrated experience in the following fields:
      1. a. Residential renewable energy and energy efficiency;
      2. b. Commercial renewable energy and energy efficiency;
      3. c. Workforce development, job training or apprenticeship projects that target workforce priority populations;
      4. d. Experience promoting minority-owned or women-owned businesses;
      5. e. Regenerative agriculture, green infrastructure and greenhouse gas sequestration; 
      6. f. Financing tools that help make renewable energy and energy efficiency available to a broader spectrum of the public; and
      7. g. Transportation decarbonization.
    4. 4. While Committee members may have experience in multiple fields, members with deep expertise in a single field will create a balanced Committee in which no one area of expertise dominates.
  5. E. Program staff will:
    1. 1. Maintain a public website that includes the Committee’s membership, bylaws, meeting agendas, meeting notes and relevant code, administrative rules and policy statements.
    2. 2. Implement the Program in accordance with the purpose of this Chapter.
    3. 3. Solicit grant applications from qualified organizations. Staff will post to a public website the City’s grant solicitation documents as documents are released to the public; staff will post to a public website relevant grant application materials within a reasonable time period after City Council makes its award decision.  
    4. 4. Solicit contract applications from qualified organizations and qualified businesses in accordance with City procurement practices.
    5. 5. Evaluate grant and contract applications to determine whether: (a) the project described in the application meets the priorities identified in the Climate Investment Plan; and (b) the applicant has the capacity to implement the project and ensure fiscal accountability. 
    6. 6. Manage the selection of grants and contracts in accordance with existing City rules and grant and procurement best practices, including but not limited to publishing on a public website the selection criteria and process for each funding opportunity.
    7. 7. Track progress in meeting workforce and contractor equity plan goals on a public website. 
    8. 8. Perform additional work necessary to implement the Program. 
  6. F. The Committee will:
    1. 1. Recommend the Climate Investment Plan to the City Council. If City Council modifies the Climate Investment Plan, it must explain and post its explanation on the Program’s website. The Committee will recommend its first Climate Investment Plan to City Council no later than 9 months after the effective date of this Subsection. The Committee will recommend subsequent Climate Investment Plans to City Council no later than 6 months after the expiration of the previous Climate Investment Plan. 
    2. 2. Adopt a methodology to measure, track and report to the public, and City Council the effectiveness of the Program in achieving the purpose of this Chapter. All grant and contract recipients will file reports consistent with the Committee’s methodology on forms provided by the Program. 
    3. 3. Adopt workforce and contractor equity plans with measurable goals to ensure projects are performed by workforce priority populations and include goals for contracting with businesses owned or operated by such populations. The Committee will develop the plans in consultation with workforce and contractor equity stakeholders and incorporate best practices from City’s procurement practices.
    4. 4. Recommend City Council amend the Climate Investment Plan if the Committee determines that the Climate Investment Plan no longer meets the purpose of this Chapter. 
    5. 5. Recommend to City Council amendments to this Chapter necessary to further the purpose of the Chapter.