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7.07.035 Surcharge Collection and Enforcement.

(Added by Ordinance No. 189794, effective December 12, 2019.)

A.  The Revenue Division of the City of Portland shall administer and enforce collection of the Clean Energy Surcharge. The Division may adopt rules as necessary to implement the goals and purposes of Subsection 7.02.500 F consistent with the processes provided in Section 7.02.210.

B.  The Division shall within 6 months of November 6, 2018 prepare a list of businesses it is aware of that meet the definition of Large Retailer and notify such businesses of their obligations under Subsection 7.02.500 F.

C.  The Division may recover all reasonable costs for such work from the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund and such costs will not be considered part of the Fund administrative cost cap.

D.  Should any proceeds under Subsection 7.02.500 F. be deemed to constitute revenues described under Article IX, Section 3a, of the Oregon Constitution, those revenues shall be deposited in a Climate Transportation Investment Account to be managed by the Portland Bureau of Transportation. Such funds shall, consistent with the limitations in Section 3a, be used in a manner that promotes the goals of Section 7.07.040.

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