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7.02.820 Obligations of Participating Businesses.

City Code Section
  1. To be eligible to receive a refundable credit and participate in the program, a local business must do each of the following:
  2. A. Submit an application to the youth certifying agency that includes an intent to employ an eligible disconnected youth for an average of 25 hours per week and a minimum of 300 hours within four months.  
  3. B. Contact one or more qualified youth employment organizations for assistance in identifying youth, enrolling a specific youth in one of the qualified youth employment programs in order to pursue eligibility of the youth in the program, and/or seek assistance working with a youth to increase his/her opportunity for employment success. 
  4. C. Complete employee evaluations or conduct reviews of employees that fall under this program;
  5. D. Report employment data for each youth to the participating qualified youth employment organization or the youth certifying agency.