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7.02.260 Information Request; Examination of Books, Records or Persons.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183727 and 187339, effective October 16, 2015.) 

  1. A.  The Division may request information or examine any books, papers, records or memoranda, including state and federal income or excise tax returns, to ascertain the correctness of any license registration or tax return, or to make an estimate of any business tax.  The Division has the authority, after notice, to:
    1. 1.  Require the attendance of any person subject to the requirements of the Business License Law, or officers, agents, or other persons with knowledge of the person’s business operations, at any reasonable time and place the Division may designate;
    2. 2.  Take testimony, with or without the power to administer oaths to any person required to be in attendance; and
    3. 3.  Require proof for the information sought, necessary to carry out the provisions of this Chapter.
    4. 4.  Require the property manager of a tenants-in-common arrangement to provide financial information related to the arrangement as well as information regarding the owners, including but not limited to the name and last known address of the owners.
  2. B.  The Director will designate the employees that have the power to administer oaths hereunder.  Such employees must be notaries public of the State of Oregon.
  3. C.  The Division may require contact information, including but not limited to, business phone numbers and business email addresses for all officers and/or owners of businesses doing business in the City of Portland.  This information may be used by the City for any lawful purpose.