Storm damage recovery

7.02.220 Presumption of Doing Business.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance No. 184597, effective June 17, 2011.)  A person is presumed to be doing business in the City and subject to this Chapter if engaged in any of the following activities:

A.  Advertising or otherwise professing to be doing business within the City; or

B.  Delivering goods or providing services to customers within the City; or

C.  Owning, leasing, or renting personal or real property within the City; or

D.  Engaging in any transaction involving the production of income from holding property or the gain from the sale of property, which is not otherwise exempted in this Chapter.  Property may be personal, including intangible or real in nature; or

E.  Engaging in any activity in pursuit of gain which is not otherwise exempted in this Chapter.