Storm damage recovery

6.09.070 Administration and Recordkeeping.

City Code Section

A.   Records.  Booking Agents and Transient Lodging Intermediaries must keep appropriate records, including but not limited to accounting and bank records, detailed transaction information including Short-Term Rental location and number of nights rented during the period and any other documentation necessary to support the fee calculation and report filed or required to be filed.  All records must be retained by the Booking Agent or Transient Lodging Intermediary for a period of 5 years and 6 months after the filing of the return, amended return or payment of the fee, whichever is later.

B.   Examination of records; investigations.  The Division, or any person authorized in writing by it, may examine during normal business hours the books, papers, reservation records and accounting records relating to returns filed by Booking Agents or Transient Lodging Intermediaries, after notification by the Division and may investigate the business of the Booking Agent or Transient Lodging Intermediary in order to verify the accuracy of any return made or if no return is filed, to determine the amount required to be paid.

C.   Should the City prevail in any legal proceedings in any state or federal court to collect the fees, penalties and interest assessed in accordance with this Chapter, the City shall be entitled to its reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees.