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6.08.110 Refunds.

A.  The Portland Housing Bureau shall issue a refund to any person who has paid a construction excise tax the amount of the tax actually paid:

1.  If the person establishes that the tax was paid for improvements that were otherwise eligible for an exemption under Section 6.08.060.

2.  If the person establishes that construction of the improvements was not commenced and the associated building permit has been cancelled by the Bureau of Development Services;

3.  Upon a determination by either the Director of the Portland Housing Bureau or the Code Hearings Officer that the amount of any construction excise tax, penalty, or interest has been erroneously collected or paid to the City under this Chapter 6.08.

B.  The Portland Housing Bureau shall either refund all amounts due under this section within 30 days of a complete application for the refund or give written notice of the reasons why the application has been denied. Claims for refunds shall be made upon forms provided by the Portland Housing Bureau. The request for the refund must be submitted within three years from the date of payment of the construction excise tax.

C.  Denial of an application for refund may be appealed as provided for in Section 6.08.120.

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