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6.06.110 Registration for License.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 185495, effective July 11, 2012.) 

A.   All persons required to obtain a license under this Chapter may register with the Bureau either in writing or on specific forms if provided by the Bureau. Registrations will be filed, together with the specified license fee installment if known or due at the time of registration:

1.   Before the property manager engages in property management activities in the District; or

2.   Prior to commencement of the new license year.

B.   The Bureau may, for good cause, allow further time for filing registrations, except that no extension may be granted for more than 30 days.

C.   The registration may contain a written declaration, verified by the property manager, that the statements made therein are true.

D.   The Bureau will prepare information containing appropriate data and fee calculations and make them available at its office, on request. Failure to receive or secure a form, file a registration or to receive notice as provided in Section 6.06.090, will not relieve a person from the obligation to pay a license fee and register for a license under this Chapter.

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