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6.05.060 Portland Tourism Improvement District License Rate.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189028, effective August 1, 2018.) The license assessment established by this Chapter for Hotel or Short-Term Rental management activities in the Portland Tourism Improvement District shall be calculated as follows:

A.  Gross rent charged by the Hotel or Short-Term Rental who use Booking Agents to advertise or accept reservations;

B.  Minus rent received from any occupant for a stay of more than 30 successive calendar days (rent derived from stays by a person who pays for lodging on a monthly basis, irrespective of the number of days in such a month, shall also be subtracted);

C.  Minus rent received from stays by any person housed through an emergency shelter or disaster program where the rent is paid with government assistance funds; and

D.  Minus rent received from stays by any U.S. Federal Government employee traveling on official government business, who presents an official Government Exemption Certificate or official travel authorization.

E.  Multiplied by .02 (two percent).

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