6.04.025 Administrative Authority.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 188170, effective January 20, 2017.)

A.  The Revenue Division administers this Chapter.  Nothing in this Chapter precludes the disposition of a controversy by stipulation or agreed settlement, through correspondence or a conference with the Director.

B.  The Director may implement procedures, forms and written policies for administering the provisions of this Chapter.

C.  The Director may adopt rules relating to matters within the scope of this Chapter or to obtain compliance with this Chapter.

D.  Before adopting a new rule, the Director must hold a public hearing.  Prior to the hearing, the Director must mail notice of the public hearing to each Operator currently registered with the Division at the last known mailing address provided or post the rule on the City of Portland website.  The notice must be mailed not less than 10 nor more than 30 days before the hearing.  Such notice must include the place, time and purpose of the public hearing, a brief description of the subjects covered by the proposed rule and the location where copies of the full text of the proposed rule may be obtained.

E.  At the public hearing, the Director must accept oral or written testimony concerning the proposed rule.  The Director will either adopt the proposed rule, modify it or reject it, taking into consideration the testimony received during the public hearing.