5.75.040 Review of Amended Claim by Program Manager.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The Program Manager shall review a claim filed under Section 5.75.030 to ensure that it provides the information required by Subsection 5.75.030 C.  If the Program Manager determines that the claim is incomplete, the Program Manager shall, within 21 days after the filing of the claim, provide written notice of the incompleteness to the claimant.  If the Program Manager does not notify the owner that the claim is incomplete within the prescribed 21 days, the claim shall be considered complete on the date it was filed with the City of Portland.
  2. B.  The Program Manager shall review the claim for compliance with the requirements of Subsection 5.75.030 B. and prepare a tentative determination of compliance not later than 90 days after the filing of a complete claim.  The Program Manager shall provide written notice to the claimant, the Department, and owners of property within 200 feet of the claim property of the tentative recommendation as to whether the claimant qualifies for the number of single-family dwellings the City of Portland proposes to authorize.  The written notice shall inform recipients they have 15 days to submit evidence or argument to the Program Manager in response to the tentative recommendation. The Program Manager shall make a final recommendation on the claim within 135 days of the date the claimant notifies the Program Manager of the claimant’s intent to continue the claim.
  3. C.  The Program Manager's recommendation to approve or deny a claim under Subsection B of this section shall be in writing and shall be supported by a brief explanation for the basis of the recommendation.