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5.74.060 Guidelines.

(Amended by Ordinance No. 189611, effective August 23, 2019.)  The Regional Arts & Culture Council shall, after consultation with Participating Bureaus, and after receiving written approval from the Office of Management and Finance and Arts Commissioner, adopt guidelines to:

A.  Provide for annual reporting to Participating Bureaus;

B.  Provide a method for the appointment of representatives to Selection Panels;

C.  Determine a method or methods of selecting and contracting with artists for the design, execution and siting of Public Art;

D.  Determine the dedication and disbursement process for the Public Art Trust Fund;

E.  Determine a process for the ongoing care, maintenance and conservation of Public Art;

F.  Determine a process to deaccession art;

G.  Set forth any other matter appropriate to the administration of this Chapter.

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