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5.73.090 Limitation on Costs.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 185960, 187339 and 188859, effective April 13, 2018.)

A.  The Revenue Division’s first year start-up costs are capped at $600,000.  Ongoing administrative costs will be subject to the oversight and annual approval of the City Council.

B.  The City’s contract amendment with RACC will require RACC to:

1.  Limit any additional RACC arts education coordination costs incurred as a result of receiving funds to a maximum of 3 percent of Net Revenues;

2.  Ensure that highly qualified persons will coordinate and work with the School Districts in the provision of high quality arts and/or music education;

3.  Seek additional funds from other sources for arts education and access to supplement the goals of the Arts Education and Access Fund;

4.  Provide quality oversight to the programs of the School Districts as well as the expenditures made by RACC; and

5.  Coordinate between School Districts and arts organizations to ensure high quality arts education for Portland students.

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