5.73.080 Revenue Division Responsibilities.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 187339191037 and 191605, effective March 1, 2024.) 

  1. The Revenue Division will:
  2. A. Receive the gross revenues derived from the Arts Education and Access Income Tax and distribute the net revenues in accordance with the IGAs. Any balance remaining will be distributed to the City Arts Program for arts education coordination and grants;
  3. B. Keep accurate records of the funds; 
  4. C. Report to the Council by way of a public record on all funds received and directed to the school districts and the City Arts Program;
  5. D. Adopt administrative rules necessary to implement tax collection and administration.
  6. E. If necessary, contract with public or private agencies to fulfill any of its duties in regard to this Arts Education and Access Income Tax and the Arts Education and Access Fund; and
  7. F. Accept any and all gifts and donations to the Arts Education and Access Fund.