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5.73.030 Net Revenues Distribution.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 187339, 191037 and 191605, effective March 1, 2024.) 

  1. Net revenues will be paid by the Revenue Division to the Arts Education and Access Fund for distribution by the City as follows:
  2. A. First, funds will be distributed to the school districts for the purpose of hiring certified arts teachers for elementary school students for kindergarten through 5th grade (K-5).  Distribution will be based on a ratio of one teacher for every 500 K-5 students at schools that serve Portland K-5 students, except that charter schools will be funded based on a ratio of one teacher for every 500 Portland K-5 students served by the charter school. Students attending schools that receive no distribution of funds will not be counted.  In the event that a school has less than 500 K-5 students, or in the case of charter schools, less than 500 Portland K-5 students, funds will be distributed on a pro rata basis based on the number of students attending that school.  Funds will not be distributed to:
    1. 1. Elementary schools within the school districts that have no Portland K-5 students; and
    2. 2. Elementary schools within the School Districts that have Portland K-5 students enrolled, but whose catchment does not overlap with the City's geographical boundaries.
  3. B. Next, funds will be distributed to the City Arts Program for the purpose of coordinating, supporting, and reporting on arts education services within school districts. Funding may be used for but is not limited to: 

    1. 1. Employ highly qualified person(s) to work with the school districts in the provision of high-quality arts education; 

    2. 2. Provide professional development opportunities for certified arts teachers in the school districts; 

    3. 3. Collect quantitative and qualitative data from school districts as requested by the City and/or Oversight Committee; 

    4. 4. Monitor school district performance and report any IGA compliance concerns to the Oversight Committee; 

    5. 5. Convene superintendents, curriculum directors, arts teachers, and other school district personnel as needed to coordinate and evaluate high quality arts education in the school districts.

  4. C. Any funds remaining after distribution to the school districts and the City per Subsections 5.73.030 A. and B. will be distributed to the City Arts Program or its designee. The funds will be spent as follows:
    1. 1. Up to 95 percent of the remaining funds will be distributed as grants to support non-profit Portland arts organizations that demonstrate artistic excellence, provide service to the community, show administrative and fiscal competence and provide a wide range of high-quality arts programs to the public.  The City Arts Program or its designee will make the determination as to which arts organizations will be supported.  In the event that the City Arts Program or its designee distributes less than 95 percent of the funds to non-profit Portland arts organizations, the remaining funds will be distributed for the purpose of providing grants and programs as described in Subsection 2. below.
    2. 2. A minimum of 5 percent of the remaining funds will be distributed for grants and programs to non-profit arts organizations, other nonprofits and schools that will give access to high-quality arts experiences to kindergarten through 12th grade students (K-12) and for grants and programs that will make arts and culture experiences available to Portland residents, with particular emphasis on programs directed to communities who are underserved by local arts providers.
    3. 3. These funds are in addition to existing and ongoing financial support for the City Arts Program.