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5.72.100 Administrative Fees.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 160540, 160608 and 166996, effective September 29, 1993.)

  1. A.  The applicant agrees to pay all applicable City and Portland Development fees and expenses associated with the application whether or not the bonds are issued.  A minimum application fee of $500 shall be assessed to all projects at the time of filing the formal application with the Commission.  In addition, the Commission shall be reimbursed in full for all direct and indirect costs incurred in the project.  The fees shall be paid as follows:
    1. 1.  $500 at the time of filing a formal application with the Portland Development Commission.
    2. 2.  The balance at the time of closing of the bond issue.  In the event the financing is not completed, costs incurred to date by the Commission shall be subject to immediate reimbursement.
  2. B.  Upon issuance of the bond, the applicant will pay the Portland Development Commission a one‑time issuance fee equal to seven dollars per 1,000 dollars of the face amount of the bonds for ongoing administration of the bonds.  On bonds issued prior to March 23, 1988, the annual administration fee will henceforth be seventy‑five cents per 1,000 dollars of the outstanding principal, billed yearly in advance.  On bonds issued prior to March 23, 1988, the Portland Development Commission and applicants of outstanding issues may enter into an agreement to pay a one‑time fee in lieu of the annual administration fee.
    1. 1.  For refunding bonds issued under ORS Chapter 280 for economic development projects, if the one-time issuance fee has been paid in accordance with subsection (b) for the bonds being refunded, and the Portland Development Commission determines the refunding will not generate additional ongoing administration costs, the fee or an equitable portion thereof may be waived.  Nothing in this subsection (1), however, should be construed to eliminate or limit the applicant’s responsibility to pay all fees and expenses of the City and the Portland Development Commission described in subsection (a) of this section in connection with issuing the refunding bonds.