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5.72.080 General Conditions; Document Preparation and Review.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 166682, effective June 30, 1993.)

  1. A.  The following general conditions prevail in the issuance of all industrial development revenue bonds:
    1. 1.  City of Portland economic development revenue bonds may be sold at public or private sale, and the bonds may mature at any time or times within the useful life of the project.  For public sales, special approval may be required.
    2. 2.  Any bond authorized under this Chapter which is to be sold by public sale must be rated by either a nationally recognized rating agency as Investment Grade.
    3. 3.  Bonds sold through a private sale do not require a rating.  For purposes of this Chapter, “private sale” means a sale of all of the bonds to persons or entities that qualify as “accredited investors” under 15 USC Section 77b (15) (I) or 17 CFR Section 230.215.  The purchasers must also certify, in a manner satisfactory to the City, that they have the financial sophistication, knowledge and experience in financial matters to evaluate the investment in the bonds and the appropriateness of that investment for them, and that they have received all the information required to make an informed judgement about the purchase of the bonds.  Bonds which are sold through a private sale may be resold or transferred only to persons or entities that qualify as accredited investors and that provide the certification described in the preceding sentence.
    4. 4.  The City of Portland does not guarantee the bonds and is not subject to any liability for their repayment.
    5. 5.  The terms and conditions of the issuance and purchase of an industrial revenue bond issue are to be agreed upon by the applicant and bond purchaser with the concurrence of the Portland Development Commission (acting on behalf of the City.)
    6. 6.  Where residential rental property is assisted under this Chapter, construction of the project must begin within 9 months from the date of bond issuance.
    7. 7.  Applicant will be required to keep the Portland Development Commission advised of the schedule for document preparation and approval, and to provide drafts of documents to the Commission upon request of the Commission.
  2. B.  The following general conditions prevail regarding the preparation of all bond documents:
    1. 1.  Bond counsel will be designated by the Portland Development Commission.  Procedures for selecting bond counsel established by Section 5.68.080 of this Code shall not apply to projects initiated pursuant to this Chapter.  The applicant will submit their recommendation of bond counsel.
    2. 2.  Bond counsel will advise the Portland Development Commission of all federal and state procedural requirements as they apply to issuance of the bonds.
    3. 3.  Bond counsel must be an Oregon law firm or other mutually acceptable bond counsel recognized in the Bond Buyers Directory of Municipal Bond Dealers of the United States.
    4. 4.  The trustee chosen by the applicant, and approved by the Commission, must be a bank or trust company doing business in the State of Oregon with trust powers.
    5. 5.  All documents to be approved by the Portland Development Commission must be in final form and received by the Portland Development Commission l4 days before the Commission meeting at which it will be acted upon.