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5.72.050 Housing - Applications.

City Code Section
  1. A.  The Portland Development Commission shall be responsible for receipt of applications and review and processing thereof, including, but not limited to, advice of bond counsel and legal advice.  Applications shall be in a form established by the Portland Development Commission and shall include, in addition to other information deemed necessary by the Portland Development Commission:
    1. 1.  The applicant’s name, address and telephone number.
    2. 2.  A brief description of the applicant’s company history and past relevant performance.
    3. 3.  A legal description of the property upon which the project will be located.
    4. 4.  A detailed description of the project including the number, size and type of dwelling units; dimensions of structures; parcel size, proposed lot coverage with buildings, and amount of open space; type of construction; public and private access; parking and circulation plans; water, sewer, and other utility plans; landscaping; expected uses; and economic feasibility studies and market information including rent levels proposed.
    5. 5.  A description of the existing use of the property including a proposed relocation plan for any persons who would be displaced from existing housing by the project; and for any businesses which would be displaced.
    6. 6.  A site plan and supporting maps, which show in detail the development plan of the entire project, showing streets, driveways, sidewalks, pedestrian ways, off‑street parking and loading areas; location and dimension of structures; use of the land and structure; major landscaping features; design of structures; and existing and proposed utility systems including sanitary sewers, storm sewers, water, electric, gas and telephone lines.
    7. 7.  Any other information required by law or otherwise which is reasonable and necessary to effectuate the purposes of this Chapter.
    8. 8.  The approximate amount of bond proceeds and allocation to eligible costs.
    9. 9.  An agreement to indemnify and hold harmless the Portland Development Commission and the City of Portland, its officers and employees, from any and all liability for loss or damage to the company or any third person or entity arising from or alleged to have arisen from the processing of this application or any error or omission in any official statement or representation related to the contemplated financing.