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5.68.070 Procedure for Selection of Bond Counsel.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182213 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

A.  At the time a bureau determines it will need bond counsel for a project or series of projects, the bureau will notify the City Attorney.  The City Attorney or designee shall notify each counsel listed in the Oregon Section of the Bond Buyer’s Directory of Municipal Bond Dealers (Red Book), requesting that those interested in serving as bond counsel for the project or series of projects submit proposals.

The notice shall indicate the nature of the project or series of projects, the type and approximate amount of bonds, the approximate date for the sale or sales of bonds, the bond counsel services required, and the date proposals are due.

B.  Those counsel interested shall provide the following information to the City Attorney:

1.  A statement of the fee arrangement proposed by the firm.

2.  Such other information as the City Attorney deems appropriate.

C.  On receipt of the proposals the City Attorney shall refer them to a consultant selection committee (Committee) consisting of the City Attorney or designee; the Chief Administrative Officer or designee; and the Bureau Director or designee.  The Committee shall consider only firms that are listed in the Red Book.  The Committee may interview any or all firms, including more than once.  The Committee may authorize firms to modify their proposals during the interview period.

D.  The Committee shall select a law firm to serve as bond counsel for the project or series of projects.  The selection shall be based on fee, experience, or such other criteria as the Committee deems appropriate.

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