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5.68.035 Authority to Obligate City for Professional, Technical or Expert Services.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 182213, 184427 and 189451, effective April 10, 2019.)

A.  All professional, technical or expert services contracts or purchase orders shall be in writing in a form approved by the City Attorney as provided in Section 5.68.050.  The Chief Procurement Officer, or designee, is authorized to execute contracts, including Price Agreements, for PTE services required by the City in any amount not exceeding $1,000,000 without the need for an ordinance specifically authorizing the contract if the contract is included within the current fiscal year budget of the bureau seeking the contract.

B.  The Chief Procurement Officer has authority to execute amendments for Contracts and Price Agreements that were originally executed in accordance with Chapters 5.68 as follows:

1.  Amendments not exceeding 25 percent of the original Contract Amount.

2.  Amendments exceeding 25 percent of the original Contract Amount, provided that the amended Contract Amount does not exceed $1,250,000 and the director of the bureau in whose behalf of the Contract was issued concurs.

3.  Execute amendments to Price Agreements if the yearly estimated cost to the City is $1,250,000 or less.

4.  Amendments whenever an ordinance approved by the City Council grants additional authority to the Chief Procurement Officer beyond that stated in these rules. 

C.  The Chief Procurement Officer is authorized, but not required, to waive any procedural irregularities in the PTE selection process provided the irregularities had no material effect on the selection of the proposed contractor.

D.  The provisions of Section 5.68.035 also apply to the procurement of services and contracts for services referenced in Subsection 5.68.020 B.