5.64.100 Determination of City’s Subrogation for Time Loss Payments.

City Code Section

The City Attorney shall determine the amount of any City claim under Charter Section 2-608 for time loss payments made to any officer or employee of the City.  In making such determination the City Attorney shall consider the amount of time loss paid by the City, the amount of recovery, the nature and degree of the injury, the costs and expenses incident to the injury or to the recovery of damages, the testimony and evidence insofar as the same is conveniently available, the legal factors involved and all other facts and circumstances which he finds relevant to the particular situation.  A tentative determination of the City claim may be made prior to recovery if the City Attorney finds it to be appropriate to assist in settlement of the claim of the officer or employee against another person.  Such determination by the City Attorney on the basis of settlement or adjudication of the claim of the officer or employee shall in each case be deemed the amount of the City’s claim by subrogation.