Chapter 5.64 Miscellaneous Fiscal Provisions

City Code Chapter

5.64.020 Appointment of Deputy Auditors.

  1. The Auditor of the City shall have the authority to appoint as his deputies with power to act for and in his behalf any and all persons employed in the Office of the Auditor of the City.  The authority hereby conferred shall in no way affect the classifications or salaries of employees so appointed, the authority being conferred merely for the purpose of facilitating the transactions of business in the office of the City Auditor.

5.64.030 Treasurer to Cash Credit Union Checks.

  1. The City Treasurer is hereby authorized and directed to accept and cash checks properly drawn by the City Employees’ Credit Union, signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President and Vice President.  It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the City Employees’ Credit Union to file with the City Treasurer annually at the time of election of officers of the credit union a certificate showing the name of the President, Vice‑president and Treasurer of the Credit Union.  In the event any change is made in the organization of the Credit Union whereby any other officers or individuals are authorized to sign or countersign checks, the same shall be immediately transmitted to the City Treasurer by the Secretary by the filing with the City Treasurer of a certificate so stating.  In the event any change in officers is made at any time during the year the same shall be immediately transmitted to the City Treasurer in like manner.

5.64.040 Bureau of Water Works Accounts.

  1. The Auditor of the City is hereby directed to exercise the same supervision and authority over the accounts and financial affairs of the Bureau of Water Works as he is authorized, directed, and required by the Charter and ordinances of the City to exercise over other bureaus.

5.64.050 Execution of Releases from Claims for Damages.

  1. The City Treasurer, or Deputy Treasurer, in the absence or inability to serve of the City Treasurer, is hereby authorized upon receiving payment in full of claims for damages, to execute and deliver on behalf of the City a formal release and discharge of and from any further liability upon such claim; provided, that such release be first approved by the City Attorney.

5.64.060 Cancellation of Refund checks.

  1. The City Treasurer shall cancel outstanding refund checks after 6 years.  The amount represented by such checks shall be transferred from the refund account to the General Fund.  In order that persons having refunds due which are represented by outstanding refund checks may not be precluded from establishing their right to such refund in the future, any person entitled to a refund, for which refund a check has been issued and has not been presented for payment within 6 years, and which refund has been canceled under the provisions of this Section, may petition the Council at any time for the allowance of such refund.  The Council may after hearing upon such claim allow and pay the amount of such refund from the General Fund.  Such payment however shall be made only by ordinance.

5.64.070 Refunds.

(Amended by Ordinances 173369 and 189452, effective May 10, 2019.)

  1. A.  The Accounting Division on behalf of the Mayor and Auditor is authorized to draw checks making refunds for any purpose except as provided in Subsection B below.  A check may be drawn when a properly signed memorandum requisition is presented which contains a statement showing the necessity for the refund and the amount thereof, or which is supported by such statement.  The statement shall bear the approval of the bureau head responsible for determining the amount of refund, who shall initiate the necessary requisition.  A refund in any amount may be paid from petty cash if funds are available and if the required statement is submitted.
  2. B.  The Mayor and Auditor are authorized to draw checks for the refund of assessments paid in error after such refunds have been properly recorded in the Auditor’s refund register, provided that no refund shall be made on account of assessments paid where the description of property assessed is found to be erroneous unless such refund is first authorized by Council.
  3. C.  A refund shall be charged against appropriations if the amount to be refunded was previously credited to a budgetary fund.  It shall be charged to the fund receipts previously credited if the amount to be refunded was credited to a nonbudgetary account.

5.64.090 Investment of Available Funds.

(Corrected under authority of PCC Section 1.01.035 on May 15, 2017.)   

  1. The City Treasurer hereby is authorized to invest any uninvested surplus balance to the credit of the General Fund or any sinking fund or special fund in interest bearing securities such as may be lawfully held by the City under Section 7‑108 of the City Charter.  The Treasurer may purchase such securities on the open market and may bid on new issues of such securities.  The Treasurer may sell such securities on the open market, if there is an established market therefor, as necessary to meet the cash needs of the various funds. 
  2. The authority herein granted to the Treasurer may only be exercised with the approval of the Commissioner of Finance and Administration and, in the case of the investment of sums held in special funds or sinking funds, with the approval of Commissioner In Charge of the budget of such sinking fund or special fund.

5.64.100 Determination of City’s Subrogation for Time Loss Payments.

  1. The City Attorney shall determine the amount of any City claim under Charter Section 2-608 for time loss payments made to any officer or employee of the City.  In making such determination the City Attorney shall consider the amount of time loss paid by the City, the amount of recovery, the nature and degree of the injury, the costs and expenses incident to the injury or to the recovery of damages, the testimony and evidence insofar as the same is conveniently available, the legal factors involved and all other facts and circumstances which he finds relevant to the particular situation.  A tentative determination of the City claim may be made prior to recovery if the City Attorney finds it to be appropriate to assist in settlement of the claim of the officer or employee against another person.  Such determination by the City Attorney on the basis of settlement or adjudication of the claim of the officer or employee shall in each case be deemed the amount of the City’s claim by subrogation.

5.64.110 Procedure Upon Obtaining Real Property with Outstanding Liens, Assessments or Accumulated Interest.

  1. In all cases where the City acquires a parcel of real property by purchase, gift, trade or otherwise, and the City is obligated to pay an outstanding lien and/or assessment with or without accumulated interest, the officer or Commissioner In Charge of the department or bureau acquiring the real property shall be responsible for the payment of the outstanding lien and/or assessment with accumulated interest, if any, from the appropriate fund at the time of acquisition.