5.60.110 Driving City Cars to and from Work.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 141835, 142504, 154639, 157641; 168313, 173369, and 176872, effective August 28, 2002.)

  1. A.  Employees authorized to drive City vehicles to and from their place of residence shall pay to the City a rental charge for each accounting period of use.
  2. If there is more than one City employee commuting in the same vehicle, the charge to the passenger will be equal to that of the driver.  It shall be the responsibility of bureaus to report to the Accounting Division vehicles used as commuting vehicles.
  3. Payroll deductions for rental charges shall be made from the employee’s second payroll check of the month.  Submission of the Personal Use of City Vehicle form is required upon vehicle assignment, cancellation, or when reduction is requested by Friday of the payroll submission week.
  4. B.  Credit will be given when total consecutive working days of nonuse exceed working days.
  5. C.  Requests for authorization to drive City vehicles to and from work must be approved by the employee’s bureau manager and the employee’s Commissioner In Charge.