Chapter 5.56 Ambulance Service

City Code Chapter

5.56.010 Police Radio Dispatch Service.

  1. In order to prevent a duplication or multiplicity of ambulance service at the scene of any emergency or disaster, the Bureau of Police Radio Dispatcher will notify by direct phone furnished by the ambulance operator, the ambulance nearest the emergency or disaster scene.  In consideration for the emergency dispatching service herein provided for, the private ambulance operators shall pay to the City the sum of $600 per month.  Each ambulance operator shall pay monthly a sum equal to $600 divided by the number of ambulance companies participating in the dispatching service.
  2. All monies due the City by the terms of this Section shall be paid by the 10th day of the month following the month in which dispatching service was furnished.  All such money received by the City shall be credited to the General Fund Revenue Account, police charges, Code 432.

5.56.020 Acceptance by Ambulance Companies.

  1. No monies shall be paid out or received by the City under the authority contained in this Chapter until the ambulance company requesting payment from the City or offering payment to the City shall have executed an acceptance of the terms of this Chapter in writing in form approved by the City Attorney.