5.50.010 Collections Section.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 181483, effective January 18, 2008.)

  1. A.  A Collections Section shall be established within the OMF Risk Management Division.  This Section shall be responsible for the investigation, billing, collection and compromise of accounts receivable generated by losses suffered by the City including, but not limited to, vehicle accidents, street light and traffic accidents, property damage for vandalism or negligence and theft, and claims by the City for services rendered without a formal contract including, but not limited to property board ups, but not any claim for which the City may impose a lien.  If necessary, the Collections Section may assign individual accounts to outside collection agencies.  This Section shall also be responsible for gathering cumulative data necessary for establishing methods to remove or reduce the causes of such losses in the future.
  2. B.  The bureau sustaining the loss or damage shall send a report to the Collections Section within 2 working days from the date of loss or damage.  The bureau shall supply all information relating to the loss to the Collections Section and shall cooperate with and assist the Collections Section in the investigation and collection of such loss or damage.
  3. C.  The Collections Section shall recommend that the City Attorney institute suit in appropriate cases.  The City Attorney shall institute legal proceedings for the City in any court or tribunal upon direction of the Council or with the approval of the Commissioner of Finance and Administration and for good cause shown.
  4. D.  Nothing in this Chapter shall be applicable to accounts receivable arising under any contract.