Storm damage recovery

5.48.035 Bureau of Emergency Communications Recordings Rates.

City Code Section

(Added by Ordinance No. 143377; effective March 30, 1977.)  The Bureau of Emergency Communications is authorized to charge the following rates or the rate established by a court in a particular case for services rendered in locating and delivering particular segments of tape recordings for court use:

A.  Labor.

1.  Ten dollars per hour (straight time) for staff time expended for salaries and wages.  After FY 1976‑77 this rate shall be set equal to the 4‑year rate for a police sergeant as approved in the official compensation plan of the City of Portland.

2.  Plus 42 percent of the foregoing straight time amount or 15 percent of the foregoing for labor provided at overtime rates for indirect costs for the vacation, sick leave, holiday and leave with pay, and for the cost of disability, retirement and insurance.

B.  Material Costs.

1.  In addition to the foregoing amount, there shall be charged for material costs, $6.22 per hour for the time City’s recording equipment is in use.

C.  General Overhead.

1.  To the total of the above there shall be added 10 percent for general overhead.