Chapter 5.40 Demands and Disbursements

City Code Chapter

5.40.010 Drawing Checks in Payments of Claims.

(Amended by Ordinances 139226, 173369 and 189452, effective May 10, 2019.)  

  1. The Accounting Division on behalf of the Mayor and the Auditor shall have the authority to draw checks on City funds upon approved requisition, duly executed contract, or order of the Council when the Accounting Division has determined that payment is legally due and payable.

5.40.020 Certain Demands to be Submitted to Council.

(Amended by Ordinances 173369 and 189452, effective May 10, 2019.)  

  1. All demands for expenses of litigation, damages, relief and other demands of like character, except as hereinafter provided, shall be examined by the Accounting Division and submitted to the Council with any recommendations, explanations or information the Accounting Division may deem pertinent thereto.  When the demands are approved by the Council, checks shall be drawn in payment thereof.

5.40.040 Requisitions Required.

(Amended by Ordinance 189452, effective May 10, 2019.)  

  1. Before any obligation is incurred under the provisions of this Chapter, except emergency purchases as provided in Section 5.32.030 and except specific payments directed by the Council, a requisition properly signed shall be presented to the Accounting Division in order that the Accounting Division may determine that the proposed expenditure is budgeted and that appropriation is available therefor.  Each requisition shall state in detail the articles or services to be purchased and appropriation accounts proposed to be charged.

5.40.070 Funds Held for Benefit of Police Contributions Committee.

  1. No money held by the City Treasurer in the Trustee Fund for the benefit of Police Contributions Committee shall be disbursed by him except on written request of the Chief of Police who shall first be advised in writing by the Secretary of the Affirmative Action of the above‑named Committee to pay a sum certain to a particular named donee.  The Treasurer shall, not later than January 15th of each year, furnish to the Chief of Police a statement showing the amounts received by him for the benefit of the Police Contributions Committee and the amounts paid out by him, if any, and to whom paid.  The Chief of Police shall immediately advise the Committee of the contents of the report of the City Treasurer.  The Committee shall, not later than January 31st of each year, advise each donor as to the portion of his donation that is tax deductible.

5.40.080 Requisition of Funds for Purchasing Police Evidence.

  1. The Chief of Police is hereby authorized to requisition funds in advance of expenditure for the purchase of evidence against the illegal sale of liquor, gambling or other violations of laws.  Each advancement shall be on a memorandum requisition approved by the Commissioner In Charge of the Bureau of Police and charged to the appropriation of the Bureau of Police for evidence procurement.  The requisition shall be accompanied by an affidavit signed by the Chief of Police which shall state that the amount of cash to be advanced will be used only for the purpose of evidence against the illegal sale of liquor, gambling or other violations of laws.  There shall be no further formal accountability for such funds beyond the affidavit.  However, the Chief of Police shall maintain sufficient confidential records to be able to provide a confidential accounting to the Commissioner In Charge on his request.