5.36.090 Gifts and Loans of Property.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Whenever any real or personal property or the use thereof shall be offered to the City by way of donation, gift, grant, lease, loan or any other manner made available to the City by any person, firm, or corporation for the purpose of bestowing a gift or benefit upon the City, the Mayor hereby is authorized to accept any and all such real or personal property or the use thereof.  The Mayor also hereby is authorized to execute any necessary agreement or document and to agree to any reasonable terms and conditions for the gift, grant, lease, loan or other use of such real or personal property.  Provided, however, that any such grant, lease or loan by which the City shall be obligated in an amount exceeding $250 shall first be approved by the Council by special ordinance.
  2. B.  It shall be the duty of all bureau chiefs to promptly report to the Commissioner In Charge, the receipt of any gift, contribution, donation or other use of personal property from any person, firm or corporation for and on behalf of the City so that the Commissioner may cause such property to be promptly included in the City inventory.