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5.36.030 Loans of Personal Property Owned by the City.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 180917, effective May 26, 2007.) 

  1. Each Commissioner and each officer or employee of the City is and shall be hereby prohibited from loaning any personal property owned by the City to any other person either gratuitously or for a consideration, without the consent of the Council expressed by ordinance.  However, in the event of extraordinary circumstances involving hazard to the general public occasioned by fire, flood, earthquake, or other public disaster, the Commissioner of any department may permit equipment in his department to be used without the consent of the Council during such extraordinary circumstances upon the written order of the Commissioner; provided that the Chief of Portland Fire & Rescue may lend or rent to the owner or operator of property damaged by fire, flood, earthquake or other public disaster such equipment of Portland Fire & Rescue as may be temporarily needed to prevent further damage to such property, and such owner or operator so borrowing or renting such equipment, shall agree with the City:
  2. A.  To hold the City, its officers, agents and employees harmless for any loss or damage caused to the person or property of third persons while such equipment is in the possession of such owner or operator;
  3. B.  To waive any claim for damage to the person or property of such owner or operator arising in whole or in part from the use of such equipment; and
  4. C.  To return such equipment to Portland Fire & Rescue in as good condition as when received, reasonable wear and tear excepted.  Such agreement shall be in writing on forms approved by the City Attorney and shall be filed with the Auditor of the City.  Any rentals collected by Portland Fire & Rescue under such agreements shall be transmitted by Portland Fire & Rescue to the City Treasurer within 24 hours after receipt by the Bureau, the rentals to be credited to the General Fund.