5.34.670 Disposition of Offers if Solicitation Canceled.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Prior to Offer Opening.  If the City cancels a Solicitation prior to Offer Opening, the City will return all Offers it received to Offerors unopened, provided the Offeror submitted its Offer in a hard copy format with a clearly visible return address.  If there is no return address on the envelope, the City will open the Offer to determine the source and then return it to the Offeror.
  2. B.  After Offer Opening.  If the City rejects all Offers, the City will retain all such Offers as part of the City's Solicitation file.  If a Request for Proposals is cancelled after Proposals are received, the City may return a Proposal to the Proposer that submitted it. The City shall keep a list of returned Proposals in the file for the Solicitation.