5.34.530 Disqualification of Persons.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445185898187974 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Authority.  The City may disqualify a Person from consideration of Award of the City’s Contracts after providing the Person with notice and a reasonable opportunity to be heard in accordance with this rule.
    1. 1.  Standards for Conduct Disqualification. As provided in ORS 279C.440, the City may disqualify a Person for:
      1. a.  Conviction for the commission of a criminal offense as an incident in obtaining or attempting to obtain a public or private Contract or subcontract, or in the performance of such Contract or subcontract;
      2. b.  Conviction under state or federal statutes of embezzlement, theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving stolen property or any other offense indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty that currently, seriously and directly affects the Person's responsibility as a Contractor;
      3. c.  Conviction under state or federal antitrust statutes; or
      4. d.  Violation of a Contract provision that is regarded by the City to be so serious as to justify Conduct Disqualification. A violation under Subsection 5.34.530 A.1.d. may include but is not limited to material failure to perform the terms of a Contract or an unsatisfactory performance in accordance with the terms of the Contract. However, a Person's failure to perform or unsatisfactory performance caused by acts beyond the Person's control is not a basis for Disqualification.
    2. 2.  For a DBE Disqualification under ORS 279A.110, the City may disqualify a Person if the City finds that the Person discriminated against COBID Certified Firm in Awarding a subcontract under a Contract with the City.
  2. B.  Notice of Intent to Disqualify.  The City shall notify the Person in Writing of a proposed Disqualification personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.  This notice shall:
    1. 1.  State that the City intends to disqualify the Person;
    2. 2.  Set forth the reasons for the Disqualification;
    3. 3.  Include a statement of the Person's right to a hearing if requested in Writing within the time stated in the notice and that if the Chief Procurement Officer does not receive the Person's Written request for a hearing within the time stated, the Person shall have waived its right to a hearing;
    4. 4.  Include a statement of the authority and jurisdiction under which the hearing will be held;
    5. 5.  Include a reference to the particular sections of the statutes and rules involved;
    6. 6.  State the proposed Disqualification period; and
    7. 7.  State that the Person may be represented by legal counsel.
  3. C.  Hearing.  The Chief Procurement Officer shall schedule a hearing upon the receipt of the Person's timely request.  The Chief Procurement Officer shall notify the Person of the time and place of the hearing and provide information on the procedures, right of representation and other rights related to the conduct of the hearing prior to hearing.
  4. D.  Notice of Disqualification. The Chief Procurement Officer will notify the Person in Writing of its Disqualification, personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested. The notice shall contain:
    1. 1.  The effective date and period of Disqualification;
    2. 2.  The grounds for Disqualification; and
    3. 3.  A statement of the Person's appeal rights and applicable appeal deadlines. For a Conduct Disqualification or a DBE Disqualification under ORS 279A.110, the disqualified Person must notify the Chief Procurement Officer in Writing within three (3) business Days after receipt of the notice of Disqualification if the Person intends to appeal the City’s decision.