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5.34.510 Prequalification of Offerors.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445, 184403, 185065, 185898, 187373 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  The City of Portland requires prequalification of all prime construction contractors, except for prime construction contractors that are enrolled in the Prime Contractor Development Program, on public improvement contracts with an estimated value of $500,000 or greater, per ORS 279C.430(1) which allows public agencies the option to adopt their own rules for mandatory prequalification of contractors desiring to bid for public improvement contracts let by that agency.  The Chief Procurement Officer has the authority to require Prequalification for public improvement contracts $500,000 or less.  The City shall not consider a Bid from a Bidder that is not prequalified, if the City required Prequalification.
  2. B.  Prequalification Application Forms. Contractors seeking to prequalify shall submit a City of Portland Prequalification application to Procurement Services. Within 30 days after receipt of a fully completed prequalification application, the City will evaluate the application as necessary to determine if the contractor is qualified in the classes of work requested. The determination shall be made in less than 30 days, if practicable, if the contractor requests an early decision to allow the contractor as much time as possible to prepare a bid on a contract that has been advertised.
  3. C.  Standards for Prequalification.  To qualify, a Bidder must demonstrate to the City’s satisfaction, that they are a Responsible Bidder based on criteria set forth in ORS 279C.375 (3)(b) and Section 5.34.500. If the City determines the Bidder is qualified, notification shall be sent stating the Bidder’s qualified bidding limits, classes of work and the validity period of the Bidder’s prequalification.
  4. D.  Special Prequalification.  A separate special Prequalification may be required for a specific project, as contained in the Solicitation Document, when the City determines that the project is of a size, scope or complexity that Special Prequalification is required or such other circumstances exist, that in the opinion of the Chief Procurement Officer, a Special Prequalification would be of assistance in the selection of qualified contractors.
  5. E.  Updates.  From time to time, the Chief Procurement Officer may update the Administrative Rules which govern the Prequalification of Contractors process.  The Administrative Rules will determine the rules, policies, and practices by which Contractors are determined to be prequalified for City projects.  City Council hereby delegates its authority to create and maintain this Prequalification program to the Chief Procurement Officer. The Chief Procurement Officer will review and adjust, if necessary, the Rules at least once each year.