5.34.493 First-Tier Subcontractors; Disclosure and Substitution.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Required Disclosure. Within two working hours after the Bid Closing on an ITB for a Public Improvement having a Contract Price estimated by the City to exceed $100,000, all Bidders shall submit to the City a disclosure form as described by ORS 279C.370(2), identifying any first-tier Subcontractors that will be furnishing labor or labor and materials on the Contract, if Awarded, whose subcontract value would be equal to or greater than:
    1. 1.  Five percent of the total Contract Price, but at least $15,000; or
    2. 2.  $350,000, regardless of the percentage of the total Contract Price.
  2. B.  Bid Closing, Disclosure Deadline and Bid Opening. For each ITB to which this rule applies, the City shall:
    1. 1.  Set the Bid Closing on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, and at a time between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., except that these Bid Closing restrictions do not apply to an ITB for maintenance or construction of highways, bridges or other transportation facilities, and provided that the two-hour disclosure deadline described by this rule would not then fall on a legal holiday;
    2. 2.  Open Bids publicly immediately after the Bid Closing; and
    3. 3.  Consider for Contract Award only those Bids for which the required disclosure has been submitted by the announced deadline on forms prescribed by the City.
  3. C.  Bidder Instructions and Disclosure Form. For the purposes of this rule, the City in its Solicitation shall:
    1. 1.  Prescribe the disclosure form that must be utilized, substantially in the form set forth in ORS 279C.370(2); and
    2. 2.  Provide instructions in a notice substantially similar to the following:
    3. “Instructions for First-Tier Subcontractor Disclosure
    4. Bidders are required to disclose information about certain first-tier Subcontractors (see ORS 279C.370). Specifically, when the Contract Amount of a first-tier Subcontractor furnishing labor or labor and materials would be greater than or equal to:
      1. a.  5 percent of the project Bid, but at least $15,000; or
      2. b.  $350,000 regardless of the percentage, the Bidder must disclose the following information about that subcontract either in its Bid submission, or within two hours after Bid Closing:
        1. (1)  The Subcontractor's name,
        2. (2)  The category of Work that the Subcontractor would be performing, and
        3. (3)  The dollar value of the subcontract.
    5. If the Bidder will not be using any Subcontractors that are subject to the above disclosure requirements, the Bidder is required to indicate "NONE" on the accompanying form.
  4. D.  Submission. A Bidder shall submit the disclosure form required by this rule either in its Bid submission, or within two (2) working hours after Bid Closing in the manner specified by the ITB.
  5. E.  Responsiveness. Compliance with the disclosure and submittal requirements of ORS 279C.370 and this rule is a matter of Responsiveness. Bids that are submitted by Bid Closing, but for which the disclosure submittal has not been made by the specified deadline, are not Responsive and shall not be considered for Contract Award.
  6. F.  City Role.  The City shall obtain, and make available for public inspection, the disclosure forms required by ORS 279C.370 and this rule.  The City also shall provide copies of disclosure forms to the Bureau of Labor and Industries as required by ORS 279C.835.  The City is not required to determine the accuracy or completeness of the information provided on disclosure forms.
  7. G.  Substitution.  Substitution of affected first-tier Subcontractors shall be made only in accordance with ORS 279C.585.  Contracting Agencies shall accept Written submissions filed under that statute as public records.  Aside from issues involving inadvertent clerical error under ORS 279C.585, the City is not under an obligation to review, approve or resolve disputes concerning such substitutions.  See ORS 279C.590 regarding complaints to the Construction Contractors Board on improper substitution.  Substitution of COBID Certified Firms are also subject to the City’s Solicitation Document.