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5.34.480 Late Bids, Late Withdrawals and Late Modifications.

(Amended by Ordinance Nos. 183445, 185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

A.  Any Offer received after Closing is late. An Offeror's request for withdrawal or modification of an Offer received after Closing is late. The City shall not consider late Offers, withdrawals or modifications, except as permitted by Sections 5.34.490 (Mistakes) or 5.33.610 (Offer Evaluation and Award).

B.  For manual submissions of Offers, Procurement Services’ time clock shall be the clock of record and the date and time imprint of that clock on an Offer shall determine the timeliness of the submission.  Late manual submissions shall be returned to the Offeror unopened with a copy of the envelope containing the Bureau’s time stamp on the Offer retained for the Solicitation file.

C.  For Electronic submissions, when permitted, the time shown by the City as to the date of arrival of the Electronic submission shall determine the timeliness of the submission.  Late Electronic submissions shall be deleted from the City’s files, returned Electronically to the Offeror and the time of the submission and the time of return shall be documented in the Solicitation file.

D.  Failure to properly return or dispose of a late submission does not mean an Offer or submission arrived on time.

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