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5.34.470 Receipt, Opening and Recording of Offers.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 183445, effective January 6, 2010.)

  1. A.    Receipt. Each Offer, and modifications to Offers, shall, upon receipt, be Electronically or mechanically time-stamped by Procurement Services time clock, or marked by hand, but not opened, and shall be stored in a secure place until Bid or Proposal Opening. If Offers or modifications are opened inadvertently or opened prior to the time and date set for Bid or Proposal Opening because they were improperly identified by the Offeror, the opened Offers or modification documents shall be resealed and stored for Opening at the correct time. When this occurs, documentation of the resealing shall be placed in the file.
  2. B.    Opening and Recording. Offers and modifications to Offers shall be opened publicly, at the time, date, and place designated in the Solicitation Document. In the case of Invitations to Bid, to the extent practicable, the name of each Bidder, the Bid price(s), and such other information as considered appropriate shall be read aloud. In the case of Requests for Proposals or on voluminous Bids, the City may advise Bidders and Proposers, as part of the Solicitation Documents, that the Bid or Proposal items and prices will not be read aloud.
  3. C.    Availability. After Opening, the City shall make Bids available for public inspection, but pursuant to ORS 279C.410.  Proposals are not subject to disclosure until after notice of intent to Award is issued.  In any event, the City may withhold from disclosure those portions of an Offer that the Offeror designates trade secrets or as confidential proprietary data in accordance with the Oregon Public Records Law, ORS 192.410 et seq. Application of the Oregon Public Records Law ORS 192.410 et seq. shall determine if the information designated as confidential and claimed to be exempt is in fact exempt from disclosure.  To the extent the City determines the designated information is not in accordance with applicable law, the City shall make those portions available for public inspection.  In order to facilitate public inspection of the non-confidential portion of the Bid or Proposal, material designated as confidential shall accompany the Offer, but the Offeror shall separate it, if requested, from the remainder of the Offer.  Prices, makes, model or catalog numbers of items offered, scheduled delivery dates, and terms of payment shall be publicly available regardless of the Offeror’s designation to the contrary.  Copies of public records will be made available upon payment of the City’s charges.