5.34.450 Offer Submissions.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Offer and Acceptance. A Bid, Proposal or Price Quotation is an Offer to enter into a Contract. The Offer is a “Firm Offer,” i.e., the Offer shall be held open by the Offeror for the City’s acceptance for not less than 60 Days from closing unless otherwise specified in the Solicitation Document.  After the 60 Days the Offer may lapse unless extended. The extension may occur after the expiration of the 60-Day period.
  2. B.  The Offer may be extended beyond 60 Days if the Offeror and the City so agree. If agreement is reached the time period for extension shall be reduced to Writing and the Offer will remain valid, irrevocable and binding on the Offeror for the agreed-upon extension period.
  3. C.  The City’s Award of the Contract constitutes acceptance of the Offer and binds the Offeror to the Contract.
  4. D.  Responsive Offer. The City may Award a Contract only to a Responsible Offeror with a Responsive Offer.
  5. E.  A competitive Proposal is a “Firm Offer” a period of not less than 90 days unless the solicitation document states a different time period.  But the City may elect to discuss or negotiate certain contractual provisions, as identified in these rules or in the Solicitation Document with the Proposer. Where negotiation is permitted by the rules or the Solicitation Document, Proposers are bound to an obligation to negotiate in good faith and only on those terms and the rules or the Solicitation Document has reserved for negotiation.
  6. F.  The City may Award a Contract only to a Responsible Offeror with a Responsive Offer.
  7. G.  Contingent Offers. Except to the extent that a Proposer is authorized to propose certain terms and conditions pursuant to Section 5.34.850, a Proposer shall not make, and the City shall not accept, an Offer contingent upon the City’s acceptance of any terms or conditions (including Specifications) other than those contained in the Solicitation Document.
  8. H.  Offeror's Acknowledgement. By signing and returning the Offer, the Offeror acknowledges it has read and understands the terms and conditions contained in the Solicitation Document and that it accepts and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Solicitation Document. If the Request for Proposals permits Proposal of alternative terms under Section 5.34.850, the Offeror's Offer includes the nonnegotiable terms and conditions and any proposed terms and conditions offered for negotiation upon and to the extent accepted by the City in Writing.
  9. I.  Instructions. An Offeror shall submit and Sign its Offer in accordance with the Solicitation Document. Bids requiring a Written and non-electronic signature shall be signed in ink by an Authorized Representative of the Offeror.  An Offeror shall initial and submit any correction or erasure to its Offer prior to the Opening in accordance with the requirements for submitting an Offer under the Solicitation Document.
  10. J.  Forms. An Offeror shall submit its Offer on the form(s) provided in the Solicitation Document, unless an Offeror is otherwise instructed in the Solicitation Document.
  11. K.  Documents. An Offeror shall provide the City with all documents and Descriptive Literature required under the Solicitation Document.
  12. L.  Electronic Submissions If the City permits Electronic Offers in the Solicitation Document, the Offeror may submit Electronic Offers in accordance with the Solicitation Document. The City shall not consider Electronic Offers unless authorized by the Solicitation Document.
  13. M.  Product Samples and Descriptive Literature. The City may require Product Samples or Descriptive Literature if it is necessary or desirable to evaluate the quality, features or characteristics of the offered items. The City will dispose of Product Samples, or return or make available for return Product Samples to the Offeror in accordance with the Solicitation Document.
  14. N.  Identification of Offers.
    1. 1.  To ensure proper identification and handling, Offers shall be submitted in a sealed envelope appropriately marked or in the envelope provided by the City, whichever is applicable.
    2. 2.  The City is not responsible for Offers submitted in any manner, format or to any delivery point other than as required in the Solicitation Document.
  15. O.  Receipt of Offers. The Offeror is responsible for ensuring that the City receives its Offer at the required delivery point prior to the Closing, regardless of the method used to submit or transmit the Offer.