5.34.420 Pre-Offer Conferences.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  The City may hold pre-Offer conferences with prospective Offerors prior to Closing, to explain the Procurement requirements, obtain information or to conduct site inspections.
  2. B.  The City may require attendance at the pre-Offer conference as a condition for making an Offer. Unless otherwise specified in the Solicitation Document, a mandatory attendance requirement is considered to have been met if, at any time during the mandatory meeting, a representative of an offering firm is documented to be or have been present.
  3. C.  If the City holds a pre-Offer conference, it shall be held within a reasonable time after the Solicitation Document has been issued, but sufficiently before the Closing to allow Offerors to consider information provided at that conference.
  4. D.  Statements made by the City’s representative at the pre-Offer conference, or elsewhere do not change the Solicitation Document unless the City confirms such statements with a Written Addendum to the Solicitation Document.
  5. E.  The City must set forth notice of any pre-Offer conference in the Solicitation Document in accordance with Section 5.34.300.