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5.34.410 Bid or Proposal Security.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 181547, 183445185898 and 187373, effective October 14, 2015.)

  1. A.  Security Amount. If The City requires Bid or Proposal Security, it shall be not more than 10 percent of the Offeror's Bid or Proposal. The City shall not use Bid or Proposal Security to discourage competition. The City shall clearly state any Bid or Proposal Security requirements in its Solicitation Document. The Offeror shall forfeit Bid or Proposal Security after Award if the Offeror fails to execute the Contract and promptly return it with any required Performance Bond, Payment Bond and any required proof of insurance. See ORS 279C.365(5) and ORS 279C.385.  See also, Section 5.34.915 and BOLI rules regarding the separate requirement for a Public Works Bond.
  2. B.  Requirement for Bid Security (Optional for Proposals). Unless The City Council has exempted a Solicitation, or class of Solicitations, from Bid security pursuant to ORS 279C.390, the City shall require Bid security for its Solicitation of Bids for Public Improvements. This requirement applies only to Public Improvement Contracts with a value, estimated by the City, of more than $150,000. The Chief Procurement Officer nonetheless may require Bid security from any Offeror, or for any project, even if the City Council has exempted a class of Solicitations from Bid security if the Chief Procurement Officer believes it necessary to secure payment and performance.  The Chief Procurement Officer may require Proposal Security in RFPs.  (see ORS 279C.400(5)).
  3. C.  Form of Bid or Proposal Security. The City may accept only the following forms of Bid or Proposal Security:
    1. 1.  A surety bond, signed by the surety’s authorized Attorney in Fact, from a company authorized to do business in the State of Oregon and that is duly listed in the United States Treasury list as published in the Federal Register, or which is otherwise approved by the City Attorney.  The surety company’s seal shall be affixed to the bond and a Power of Attorney for the Attorney in Fact shall be submitted.  The City Attorney has the authority to waive the requirement of the corporate seal: or
    2. 2.  A signed irrevocable letter of credit issued by an insured institution as defined in ORS 706.008(12); or
    3. 3.  A Cashier's check, or Offeror’s certified check.
  4. D.  Return of Security. The City shall return or release the Bid or Proposal Security of all unsuccessful Offerors after a Contract has been fully executed and all required Bonds have been provided, or after all Offers have been rejected. The City may return the Bid or Proposal Security of unsuccessful Offerors prior to Award if the return does not prejudice Contract Award and the Security of at least the Bidders with the three lowest Bids, or the Proposers with the three highest scoring Proposals, is retained pending execution of a Contract.