5.34.160 Intermediate Procurements.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 181547, 183445185898and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Public Improvement Contracts estimated by the City not to exceed $100,000, may be Awarded through the requirements of this rule.
  2. B.  All Solicitation Documents for public improvements anticipated to exceed $50,000 shall be in Writing and include the selection criteria to be utilized in selecting a Contractor and, if the criteria are not of equal value, their relative value or ranking.  The criteria may be limited to price or some combination of price, experience, specific expertise, availability, project understanding, Contractor capacity, responsibility and similar factors.
    1. 1.  Written requests shall include the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) provisions regarding the prevailing wage, if the estimated cost exceeds $50,000.
    2. 2.  If the estimated cost is less than $50,000, but all Offers exceed $50,000, then the Solicitation shall be cancelled and a new Solicitation Document, containing the BOLI provisions regarding prevailing wage, shall be included.
  3. C.  Solicitation Document for public improvements estimated to be $50,000 or less can be made orally, provided the City seeks at least three competitive quotations, and keeps a Written record of the sources and amounts of the quotations received. If three quotations are not reasonably available, the City shall make a Written record of the effort made to obtain those quotations.
  4. D.  The City shall Award the Contract to the prospective Contractor whose Offer will best serve the interests of the City, taking into account the announced selection criteria. If Award is not made to the Offeror offering the lowest price, the City shall make a Written record of the basis for Award.
  5. E.  Intermediate level Public Improvement Contracts may be increased above the original amount of Award by Change Order within the limitations pursuant to Subsection 5.34.020 C.3.