5.33.930 Right to Inspect Plant or Place of Business.

City Code Section
  1. A.  Time for Inspection. The City may, at reasonable times, inspect the part of the plant or place of business of a Contractor or any Subcontractor or supplier which is related to the performance of any Contract Awarded.
  2. B.  Access to Plant or Place of Business. As a condition of Bidding or proposing, Bidders and Proposers agree that representatives of the City may enter a Contractor’s or Subcontractor’s or supplier’s plant, place of business, work site or construction site during normal business hours for the following purposes:
    1. 1.  To inspect and/or test supplies or services for acceptance by the City pursuant to the terms of the Bid or Proposal;
    2. 2.  To investigate in connection with a Bidder’s or Proposer’s Bid or Proposal, a minority business or EEO certification, or Bidder or Proposer qualification.
    3. 3.  To inspect for compliance with City programs required by the Solicitation Document.
    4. 4.  To inspect for Contract compliance.
  3. C.  Contractual Provisions.  Contracts may provide that the City may inspect supplies and services at the Contractor’s or Subcontractor’s or supplier’s office or facility and perform tests to determine whether they conform to the Solicitation Document, or, after Award, to the Contract requirements, and are qualified. Such inspections and tests shall be conducted in accordance with the terms of the Contract.
  4. D.  Procedures for Inspection, Trial Use and Testing.  The City may establish operational procedures governing the inspection, testing and trial use of equipment, materials and the application of resulting information and data to Specifications or Procurements.
  5. E.  Conduct of Inspections and Tests:
    1. 1.  Inspectors and testers. Inspections or tests shall be performed so as not to unduly delay the Work of the Contractor or Subcontractor. No change of any provision of the Specifications or the Contract may be required by the inspector or tester without Written authorization of the City, unless otherwise specified in the Solicitation Document. The presence or absence of an inspector or tester shall not relieve the Contractor or Subcontractor from any requirement of the Contract;
    2. 2.  Location. When an inspection is made in the plant or place of business of a Contractor or Subcontractor, such Contractor or Subcontractor shall provide without charge all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safety and convenience of the inspector or tester;
    3. 3.  Time of inspection or testing. Inspection or testing of supplies and services performed at the plant or place of business of any Contractor or Subcontractor shall be performed at reasonable times during normal business hours.