5.33.920 Records Maintenance; Right to Audit Records.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Contractors and Subcontractors shall maintain all fiscal records relating to a Contract executed with the City in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.  In addition, Contractors and Subcontractors shall maintain any other records necessary to clearly document:
    1. 1.  Performance:  Performance includes, but is not limited to, compliance with plans and  Specifications, compliance with fair Contracting and employment programs, compliance with Oregon law on payment of wages and accelerated payment provisions, and any and all requirements imposed on the Contractor or Subcontractor under the Contract or subcontract;
    2. 2.  Any claims arising from or relating to their performance under a Contract;
    3. 3.  Any cost and pricing data; and,
    4. 4.  Payment to suppliers and Subcontractors. 
  2. B.  Such records shall be maintained for a period of six years from the date of final completion of the Contract or until the conclusion of any audit, controversy or litigation arising out of or related to a Contract, whichever is longer, unless a shorter period of time is authorized in Writing by the City. 
  3. C.  Contractors and Subcontractors shall make all their records available to the City within the boundaries of the City of Portland, Oregon, at reasonable times and places regardless of whether litigation has been filed on any claims.  If the records are not made available within the boundaries of the City, the Contractor or Subcontractor shall pay all costs for City employees, and any necessary consultants hired by the City, including travel, per diem costs, salary, and any other expenses incurred by City in sending its employees or consultants to examine, audit, inspect, and copy those records.  If the Contractor elects to have such records outside these boundaries, the costs paid by the Contractor to the City for inspection, auditing, examining and copying those records are not recoverable costs in any legal proceeding.
  4. D.  The City and its Authorized Representatives shall be entitled to inspect, examine, copy and audit the books and records of any Contractor or Subcontractor upon request by the City for any reason, including any documents that may be placed in escrow according to any Contract requirements.  The records that may be inspected and copied include financial documents of the Contractor, including tax returns and financial statements.  The City will keep such documents confidential to the extent permitted by Oregon law, subject to Subsection 5.33.920 E. below.
  5. E.  Contractors and Subcontractors agree to disclose the records requested by the City and agree to their admission as evidence in any proceeding between the parties, including, but not limited to a court proceeding, arbitration, mediation or other alternative dispute resolution process.
  6. F.  In the event that the records disclose that the City is owed money or establishes that any portion of any claim made against the City is not warranted, the Contractor or Subcontractor shall pay all costs incurred by the City in conducting the audit and inspection.  Such costs may be withheld from any sum due or that becomes due to the Contractor by the City.
  7. G.  Failure of the Contractor or Subcontractor to keep or disclose records as required may result in disqualification as a Bidder or Proposer for future City Contracts or may result in a finding that the Contractor or Subcontractor is not a Responsible Bidder or Proposer.