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Beware of cyber criminals impersonating CrowdStrike or other tech support. Information for City of Portland employees

5.33.780 Powers of the Board.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinance 183445, effective January 6, 2010.)

  1. A.    The Board shall be responsible for reviewing the decisions of the City arising under this Chapter. In regard to appeals of decisions regarding Prequalification or disqualification of Bidders or Proposers, the Board shall comply with Oregon state law and these rules.
  2. B.  The Board shall consider only those matters that were raised by the Affected Person in its protest to the Chief Procurement Officer. 
  3. C.  The Board shall not consider the appeal of any Affected Person who did not file a timely appeal.
  4. D.  The Board shall hear appeals based on administrative rules of procedure established by the Chief Procurement Officer.  The administrative rules shall provide for notice and prompt hearing of appeals and protests, record-making, right to counsel and other procedural matters. 
  5. E.    Following completion of a hearing, the Board shall prepare a Written decision that shall be mailed to all parties to the hearing by certified mail, return receipt requested.