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5.33.770 Procurement Board of Appeals.

City Code Section

(Amended by Ordinances 183445185898 and 189878, effective March 4, 2020.)

  1. A.  Purpose.  The purpose of this rule is to provide for the prompt, effective and efficient resolution of appeals and protests of Affected Persons in regard to City decisions when such matters are referred to it by the Chief Procurement Officer or when authorized or required by this Chapter.
  2. B.  Board Created.  Pursuant to Portland City Charter Section 2-103, City Council hereby creates the Procurement Board of Appeals for the purposes described above.
  3. C.  Jurisdiction of Board.  The Procurement Board of Appeals shall hear and resolve protests and appeals arising from City decisions arising under this Chapter only when such matters are referred to it by the Chief Procurement Officer.
  4. D.  Composition of Board.
    1. 1.  The Procurement Board of Appeals shall consist of three members.  A quorum shall consist of three members.
    2. 2.  The members of the Board shall be:
      1. a.  A representative from the public Procurement sector;
      2. b.  The City Engineer;
      3. c.  A member of the general public with affiliation to the Procurement profession.
    3. 3.  The public members shall be appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by City Council and shall serve for a period of up to two years, which may be extended by the Chief Procurement Officer for additional 2-year periods up to a total possible term of 10 years.
    4. 4.  A member of the board shall serve as chairperson.
  5. E.  Compensation.  All members of the Board shall serve without pay, except that they may receive their regular salaries during time spent on Board matters.
  6. F.  Vacancies.  A vacancy on the Board shall be filled as soon as possible in accordance with the procedures described above.
  7. G.  Procedure and Rules.  The Chief Procurement Officer shall establish administrative rules of procedure for the Board and the Board shall follow that procedure for all matters heard by the Board.
  8. H.  Staff.  Procurement Services shall provide staff and appropriate assistance for the Board.